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I’ve seen sites on the internet charge exorbitant amounts for jellyfish aquariums.

This one’s $16,000, which to me, borders on insanity.

I can’t imagine it would be too different from a reef tank, with a few exceptions:

1) Very low flow
2) Special shaped tank- Apparently jellyfish have not evolved to master the art of movement and they get trapped in corners.
3) No ‘scape.  Rocks.  Heaters.  Anything sharp enough to tear wet toilet paper.
4) No real lighting requirements, since they’re not photosynthetic.

As far as the tank goes, spherical or cylindrical would be out of question due to the distortion.  As much as hate ReefOne’s Biorb line, I think their Biorb Life would make an awesome jellyfish aquarium:

I think a sump would be an absolute necessity.  This would allow you to do away with the heater in the tank.  Also, you’d want crystal clear water, which would only really be possible with a sump.  Can the Biorb’s stock filter system product clear results?

If you did go with a sump, you would have a toothless overflow, and reduce the flow so jellyfish wouldn’t get sucked in.  This overflow looks like it may work, if the flow was low enough:

And lastly, the fun part- the lights.  There’s no doubt in my mind that I’d want LED strips that would change colors on a timer.

You could get them at IKEA, or oznium.com:

So in the end, you’d have to do some major modifications, and would still have to buy jellyfish every year, due to their life expectancy.

I’m sure the novelty of pet jellyfish would wear off pretty quickly, as they have no colors of their own and the intelligence of a sponge.

Still, it would be pretty useful in seducing women that you invite over for a night cap.  But chances are, if you have enough money to spend frivolously on a jellyfish aquarium, she’s probably screwing you anway.

I doubt you’d get as much action with one of these, but it’s a hell of a lot cheaper.

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