Tanks should always be rimless and made of starphire glass.  Tanks should never be spherical or cylindrical because of the distortion.  They look great at the pet store but when you get them home you’re shocked to find you’ve bought a gigantic magnifying glass.

Also, tanks like biorbs have a really old fashioned method of filtration and no place to hide the heater, etc.  I know from experience.  Eh.

Acrylic (plastic) is the clearest but I’m so clumsy I  even somehow scratch glass tanks, so no acrylic for me.

Building your own tank is is not as bad as it sounds.  It’s pretty cheap, considering you get to decide the dimensions of your tank.  You can custom build one to fit that awkward countertop island in your house!

If you want to buy rimless tanks, ADA tanks are awesome, and are actually pretty affordable when you consider the craftsmanship and the cost of low iron glass.   I have bought rimless tanks from Glass Cages, and have been very happy with them.

Call your local glass company and get an estimate.  From now on, I only use super clear starphire glass (the one of the right).

Buy aquarium grade silicone from Lowes.  I only make Nanos so this is strong enough for my purposes.


I own a fluval edge.  It’s not a bad price for what it is, but the novelty does wear off and it’s a real bitch to light properly.  You can forget about trimming plants in it.  A lot of people have pulled it off, but it’s a lot of work, and it’s still not high clarity glass.

tuonor‘s planted Fluval Edge

Really, nothing beats an ADA Tank.

Unless I want a starphire tank with specific dimensions, I’ll get an ADA any day, over making a tank myself.


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